Teenagers are bomb

Teenagers are bomd because we come with the best ideas/ comprimises. We know how to text people with out even looking and we teach the adult people how to use the interwebs. so My broski sit down and I am going to tell you about the awesome life of a teen and don't be all like teens are the worst!

As must adult be people know we teens love our food. I mean theirs never a time that we are not eating or thinking about food. We teenagres live for three thing 1. Haing a life 2.Our phone and 3. EATING!! Food is like a second god for it's out FIRST god maybe you're only god. When imagine heaven I think Penara Bread, Subway, Cozi, Chick-fil-a,potbellys, Jersey Mikes and many more side to side for free!!!. Some adults might think no taxes no need for a job in heavan but we think phones no homework and FOOD

but The adult people are always telling us that eating healty is better way to eat so here some healthy tips yo help you make you're parents keep yelling at you

  • Eat more foods with iron, Calcuim, and vitamin D
  • Don't skip breakfast ever
  • Cut back on the protein filled lunchs save it for dinner
  • Another thing our parents are always nudding us about is our irregualar sleeping patterns. But it is proven that is vary hard for adolescence to fall asleep before 11:00 so my prental broski chill they'll go to sleep when they need to okay CHILL

    Create Summer Programm 2016

    Activites we did during this program ranges from coding to dance. We also did soccer it was pretty litty. we had lunch everyday and i ate food. somedays i even drank water

  • Make a youtube channel
  • Join colours
  • Raise money for vidcon
  • strat babysitting
  • Get straight A's
  • Eat some food