"Sugar" by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Book Review!

Written by:
Jaden Nutt, 5th Grade - Paint Branch Elementary School

   This review is about the young adult novel Sugar written by the American novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes. It is about a 10-year-old girl named Sugar who works on a sugar plantation even though slaves are free. In secrecy, she is playing with the owner's son, Billy, and they teach each other new things.
   The novel also explores Chinese people referred to as “China Men.” They are made new slaves. Sugar and Billy meet the Chinese men and they all learn something new. The novel also examines the importance of literacy because Sugar cannot read or write. It is her friendship Billy that helps her learn how to write her name.
    Jewell Parker Rhodes did a wonderful job writing the book. She inspires readers to think while they are reading. She even shows young women that they can do great things, no matter their color. She is a true artist and written other amazing books for young readers. In the end, this novel made me smile.

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