What I think being a teenager means is getting ready for the real world soon,focusing on school, and means to socialize. Being a teenager mean to have responbilities which mean coming in before dark and to do your chores and could earn trust

Ninety percent of tweens are online

"popular kids are more likly to be bullies"

"Forty-two percent of tweens admit to bullying occasionally."

"Half of girls ages 8 to 10 are unhappy with their size"

"Adolescents with gambling addictions often report beginning gambling at around age 10."

eating tips for teenagers

You want to eat healthy so you could have enegry so what you should do is to drink more water and more smoothies. When I mean to drink more smoothies I mean healthly which is fruit and vegitables.You don't want fruit that has alot of surgar but fiber. Its best to eat vegitables when you eat dinner or any kind of mean when you get a chance like lunch and is not healthy to add salt to you dry out your inside because salt sucks up mosture.

sleeping to get energy

if you don't know sleeping makes you grow. you dont really grow in the day so the less sleep you get the slower you grow. when you have time to take a nap you need to take the time and take a nap because it will make up for the sleep you've missed or loss.


What I did in this program was very fun. We danced with Ms.Henneghan and the twins the twins name were Tiffiny and Shenell they both go to High Point High School. We ate lunch but the sandwhiches were not the best I didn't eat them but people were so nice when I didn't have food they offered to share with me.COLOURS went on tour with Mr.Cook. Mr.Cook has been doing colouers for 24 years.The tour was really fun one of the shows that really touched my heart and I really enjoyed dancing for them was Margaret Brent because they are kids that need alot of attenition because they have a disability it a disability school so it was nice to see them up dancing and they gave us hugs. When they gave me hugs I felt like I was melting because you could always get a hug from normal people but from disable kids its different.I enjoy doing coding its a long process but its fun plus you got to make your own website about your self and other things. we also did soccor with Maddie and Iyana.

I've grown alot because things that I did in this program like coding I didn't even think I would be doing like making my own website. I've grown alot because there were people I didn't really know now I talk tp pretty much everyone. I didn't know Mr.Cottington until he introduced him self and I was like he sounds nice and funny but at times he would be serous. mr.cottington made coding very fun and interesting. we did a coding activy for the fist week so we could get introduced to what we would be doing. then the next week is when we didi our first website about ourself and it turned out really good.then the other website we did is when we got to learn how to play with the colors and fonts which was really cool onced you lea4rned how to do it also once you learned how to play with the color the topic was teenager. this program was really fun i enjoyed it alot also it was a great experince.