"Why After School Clubs Don't Have Members"

Written by:
Sandra Chijioke, Fairmont Heights High School

After school clubs and teams allow those with the same interest to come together and bond. It allows people to discover things that they never knew about themselves and incorporate that into their future. By being involved in these activities, colleges and universities get an idea of the type of person you are. But how can you do all these things when you don’t have a definite ride home? Lack of transportation is the biggest problem when it comes to after school activities. Others may disagree, but speaking from my own personal point of view, I know how hard it is to be involved in things when you don’t have a stable ride home and I know there are a lot of people who have the same issue.

It’s hard to be in clubs and only being able to come in on days that you have rides, which can sometimes be very few days. For example, I was part of the flag dancing team at my school. We would have practice three times a week for about two and a half hours. I never attended practice all three days because I knew that there was no secure ride and just finding a ride was extremely hard. Since my parents couldn’t pick me up, I would sometimes rely on friends to take me home, but that gets irritating. It’s not fun constantly asking people to take you home. When I brought up the topic of transportation to a teacher, he told me about how the county used to have activities buses a while back and how that helped with after school activity turnouts. Activity buses are buses that take kids who don’t have rides, or live far, home. Unfortunately, for the students of today, the activity bus had to stop due to the lack of money provided for the bus drivers.

An activity bus is a great idea that should be implemented in all schools; it would really help people like me become involved in clubs and teams. With more involvement that means more recognition, with more recognition there are more colleges/universities looking at you, and with colleges and universities looking at you there are endless opportunities. Although activity buses are going to bring about a lot of financial problems, it is still an idea that should be considered by all boards of education, especially PGCPS.