being a teenager was different from being a teenager in the 1980's or the early 1800's , so we are going back in time on how being a teen in the past and notice the difference from the past and the present.

teenagers are addicted to their social medias , thet take selfies alot , have babies at a young age, they smoke and drink if they are popular they bully people.

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Eating habits: drink smart, drink water more than beverages, dont skip meals if you think you will get fat no you are not just the right portion and eat after 4 hours of digestion, portion your plate as i said earlier it maybe hard at first you may be hungry before you add more wait for 30 minutes so you can know if you need more food or not,try to stop your self from going to fast food resturants but you can reward yourself like once every 6 months or once every month , eat more fruits and vegetables or ask your doctor on what to take ,DO NOT SMOKE !!!! because it fulls up your lungs and you may have lung cancer.

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Sleep: a typical teenager needs 7 1/2 - 9 1/2 hours of sleep avoid having soda or anything sugar at around 4pm instead take water, have a calm family conversation and wind down yourself like reading, listening to slow music on the radio or jazz music on youtube or drink warm tea or milk not COFFEE !!!!. exersice or have a walk in the evening to wind yourself down listening to jazz music , make your room sleep-friendly , limit screens in your room like tv , tablets, and phones. just pamper yourself it will make you sleep better , get a comfy bed or sleep in a way that makes you comfortable and you sleep will last a lifetime.

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Dealing with peer preasure: say no to your friends even thay are your best friends and i know it maybe hard , make a joke to change their minds, change the subject, make an excuse to leave , turn the pressure around , be careful of who you are friends with, keep busy with healthy activities, find better ways to impress people, don't be afraid to ask for help,establish and reinforce your convictions, find other exciting things to do, do things that make you proud of yourself, make your own desicions and try to do the right thing not the bad because their might be consequences and define yourself and do what matters to you.

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Communciating with teachers: don't be afraid to ask, ask them what the expectations are, find the best way to contact your teacher maybe emails, be positive and curious and write apprecitating notes to them.

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i learned more in coding , dance and poem i lost weight during our fun fitness games i learned dances from some period times i thought it was going to be boring but it came out great i will miss it but i know i wwill keep it to heart .


get into avid

start a business or become an actress

get principal honour role

get a new phone

get accepted to a performing arts school

go to a dance class and fashion class

this is a poem i wrote

My name is Akunna like hakuna matata

The cold air loves me like

How i love pieces of art because i like all the adventures what i see the behind it

The time my beloved ones say to me keep it up i feel this i am a 1000 years old

Am 11 years old and 6 months in 2005 i bursted out laughter not crying like what my mom always said

Because i was the most hardest baby to take care of i will always cry but i was a happy child.

I love the world love how peaceful it is computers are my thing and reading

Naturally i am a geek i am funny i little shy to people i do not know

Though my 11 years as i know that life is not easy .

We pair like no one cares we are one world and no one cares we always untiewe are one big family even enough we fight sometimes Life goes on and on So lets do it