Being a teenager


1. 42% of teenagers can type with their eyes closed. 2. If you take away a teenagers phone they get sleepy 3.Teens can grow fast but their brains cant keep 4.If a teen takes risks it's their brains fault 5. Teens can fix their sleep cycles with blue light

Being a teenager means being responsible. Doing things on your own. You need to take responsibility for what you do. You need to succeed.

Healthy eating for teens

It is important for teenagers to eat healthy. It is important because teenagers go through a lot of physical changes these changes need to be supported by a healthy diet

NHS choices

Sleep habits for teens

Sleep is important for teens because sleep is good for the brain. When you get enough rest your will feel good throughout your day. When you get enough rest you grow more.

Dealing with peer pressure

Teens deal with peer pressure a lot. If someone wants you to do something you don't want to do/something bad that's called peer pressure. If someone wants you to do ddo something you don't want to do ignore them and walk away.

Talking to a teacher

Talking to a teacher about a personal problem is okay. The teacher will understand. If you do have a problem you can talk to a teacher.

Create Summer Program 2016

At camp we do soccer. We also do fittness dance spoken word and coding. The activities here are fun we do a lot of different dances and we are filming them this week. In fittness we work out with Mr. Gleason does diferent exercises and one time we played crab soccer. In spoken word we work on poems and record them.

I've grown in spoken word with my words and how I feel about things. In fittness and soccer I've grown in athleticsism. In dance I learned old school dances. Like the twist, that is my favorite. In codeing I learned how to code. In codeing I've grown by getting smarter.

1.become a soccerplayer

become a doctor and paleontologist

write my own poems

go to Howard University

be part of SGA
succeed in life