Being a teenager

Teenagers are between the age of 13 and 19. Becoming a teenager is a satge in life from childhood to adulthood. Teenagers often face issues with self-identity and forced to make tough choices about schoolwork,drugs,achool,and social life. I think the hardest things teens have to do with is peer pressure. Most of the time teenagers just follow the list below:

Some facts about teens are that 38 percent of boys in middle school and high school reported using protein supplements and nearly 6 percent admitted to experimenting with steroids.Hyper-networking drives teen life ... and most of it is online.Sarcasm is not amusing to a teenager unless of course it is aimed at a sibling. Family time is nothing to teenagers. It just means that the meal is ready for everyone at the same time to eat whenever and where ever they happen to be.

Nutrition/eating habits for healthy teenagers

Eating right is a big part of being a teenager. At school you don't want to be embaressed and overweight. Part of that is exercising because you sometimes can eat the unhealthy foods as long as you don't eat it as much as the healthy foods and burn off the calories.Below are pictures of food you should eat, can eat ,and not recomended places you should eat. Unfortunatley the peole who don't like execercising it's all around you. In your house doing push-ups or sit-ups and outide running up and down your backyard or sidewalk or even go to the gym with your mom or dad.

Eating tips for teens.

Always eat right. Look above and read the website to help your teens eat healthy.I'm sure your want your teen looking healthy.Cooking homemade meals is much healthy and can lower calories.

Good sleeping habits

Sleeping isn't a big part of being a teenager exept for that you might fall asleep in class. Then your parents would get on you. For now the teens are supposed to get 9-9 and a half hours of sleep. Instead there sleeping 7 hours.

Sleeping hours for teens

Sleep is very vital important to parents. So just coperate with your parents and add a 1 hour if you need to and just wait for your freedom at college.

Peer pressure/dealing with peer pressure

The biggset and scariest thing your parents worry about is you and peer presure with friends.Every kid has some good friends and bad. When the bad ones want to do something bad and they want you to go with them you want to go because you still want to be their friend.It's peer presure.

Peer presure for teens

Parents might not know that teens deal with peer presure almost every day. Above shows how they can peel away from it and become normal from the peer presure

Communicating with teacher classroom

Teens have many talents.One thing some of them aren't good at is when it comes to communicating with teachers. Some don't want to be at school so they act up and stuff so the teacher gets mad and punishes every body. Then when he gets mad no one can communicate with him and punishes every body from communicating which changes everybody's grades.

Helping teens comunicate with teachers

Above is a website that can help your teen comunicate with his or her teacher to get that scholar ship to college.

Create Summer Program

Camp is fun.We do activities that are like huge centers.We do fitness,soccer,dance,coding,and poetry.I'm not a computer person but Angel and Laroan make it kind of funny. In fitness we get teached by a rosevelt coach. I'm taking that as a oprotunity to show my ablities to get a mini schlorship to get into Rosevelt.Soccer is the best out iof all.We play it with a divsion 1 univiversity of Maimi soccer player. That can barely get any better.Dance iws fun. If you don't have energy though you might fail dance.Poetry is very flowful. You can learn a-lot if you know what your doing.

I think I've become a better coder. At first I did't know anything about coding. Know I know how to make a website like a boss. Soccer I already knew how to play. If I continued to play soccer when I was 6 I would've been the next Cristiano Ronaldo.Dance makes me tired every day but I know some old fashion good and bad moves.I made a couple of poems but I'm still not good at all at poetry.Fitness made me even more athletic and in my opion I'm atlethic enough to be one of the fastset people in the world.

Make the MLK basketball team.

Get straight A's the 1st quater

Get 2 pairs of Steph curry's

Get in a couple of honors classes

Keep my grades up while playing sports
Stay out of trouble