what it's like being a teen

Being a teen can be awesome and bad at the same time. For example partying and hanging out with frieds is fun but every one expects you to act like an adult. There are times where you have too much homework or finals week.But like I said being a teen is fun too.

teenagers like food mostly the kinds that take two minuetes in the microwave to make

teens like video games teens are obsesed with their phones sometimes teens dont think things through and do dumb things teens like the internet

helpful links

healthy eating

make sure you always eat healthy food

good sleeping habits

sleep is important so you dont look like you're 80 when yo're 20

dealing eith peer presure

Some teens have to deal with peer presure this could help

Create Summer Program 2016

In my camp we did socer, dance, coding, and fittnes

I dont feel any diferent from when I came I just know how to code now

I will try to get a phone

I'm going to start MMA

I'm going to get good grades

beat skyrim

beat sonic generations
finish Fairy Tail

a poem I wrote

Here I am dangling from a belt I’m a compact item that is very deadly I am no larger than a foot long I have caused the deaths of many people There are many different forms and shapes and sizes of me But I’m not a knife or sword I am lighter and more dangerous Only special people can wield me I’m no ordinary weapon and you won't find me anywhere Not In this galaxy You could say I’m an ancient weapon Technically I am an ancient weapon if you pay attention People here have tried to make me a reality in their own galaxies But I’m too difficult to replicate I’m not just a life taker I’m a life saver I’m a lightsaber