To be a teenager it means to be respectful and responsible. You can also have a lot of fun but not too much that you will get in trouble. They should be a good role model to their sibling or other little kids they know. So to set a good example for other children.

teens become adults

they try to be mature

they have fun and go to parties

they communicate on social media

some teens are good and some are bad

Tips for teens

Teens should eat a diet of nutrients such as calcium to make their bones strong. It requires good effort to change your eating habits. Many teens eat fast food every day which is a mixture of sugar, salt, or fat. To improve their diet teens should eat less sugary drinks. They should drink more water, you can even add a slice of lemon, lime, or an orange.

Sleep for teens

Skipping sleep is harmful especially when your driving, many teens die because of sleeping while driving. Some teens suffer from sleeping disorders. Teens should sleep on time so in the morning when they go to school they will be wide awake. Most teens don't get enough sleep because of parties. Teens need enough sleep every day to be awake for the next day.

Dealing with peer pressure

Your peers can be positive or negative. They can influence your life in a good way or a bad way. Some time teens pressure other teens to do bad things. Other times they encourage each other which is the right thing to do. For example the other kids might pressure you to skip class at school. Or they can pressure you to study and pass your test.

Communication with teens

Communication skills with teens are very important. When teens have problems with school work or other activities they should go to a teacher. They will give you good advice or suggestions. They can help teens in the future too. Teens need good advice for themselves and for the future. It's also good practice for interactions.

Create Summer Program 2016

In this summer program we learned how to make websites and old dances people used to do. We learned some moves in soccer ans we also played games. Also we played games in fitness and learned new exercises. Our coordinator Mr.Cook encourages us to do the best we can do.

I feel that I have grown in this program because I learned about new stages in life. I can now make my own website and new exercises in fitness that I can keep practicing. I got to play soccer with a division one soccer player. We also learn how to be more mature.

My Goals for Middle School

All A's on my report card
Graduate from middle school

Get into a good high school

Make new friends

Meet new teachers

Play a sport