Being a teenager can be tough and a lot of work

Teenagers can have a lot going on in their life

Being a teenager is an intresting experience for most people

Teenagers can have a lot of emotions

Teenagers can hate their life because they are to old to do some things

Teenagers could feel left out co]ause its hard to go through obstacles

Most teens eat takeout almost all the time and that's not healthy. Some teens don’t balance their diet.

If you don’t get enough sleep or don’t sleep at all, a lot of bad things could happen. Most teens need 81/2 hours of sleep on school nights.

When you experience peer pressure, you learn from them and they learn from you. Some kids like peer pressure because they want to be liked and they want to fit in.

Be clear about what you want, use your emotions. Listen mindfully, make sure you have your teachers full attention.

Not everybody gets to be with their middle school friends

Teenagers could go to partys and get drunk

Seniors could make fun of other teens at school

Teenage girls could cry over some guy they don't know

Teenagers could talk negative about other people

Being A Teenager

Teenagers go on social media all the time like that They could go on youtube and snapchat Teenagers start to get jobs Sometimes they end up opening door knobs Teenagers get a lot of sleep it seems They end up having big dreams A lot of tenagers are on their phones As they get older they grow bigger bones Teenagers are weird in their own way and have lots of friends But at some point all of this will end Teens need a lot of sleep They wake up when the alarm beeps Being a teenager is a lot of work Some teens can be real jerks For a teenager things can get though They can see a lot of things and be like whoa A teenager would like drama in their life They could want to commit suicide with a knife Teens love social media For homework they go to wikipedia Teenagers have to eat healthy Some teens can be wealthy Teens have to communicate with teachers They get in trouble because of some features Being a teenager is a lot of work but it comes to the end Because you wasted your life coming up with a trend To this day i’d like to thisday teenagers don’t always get their way But what can I say teenagers are amazing in every way

i learned how to be better in soccer

i learned how to be a better poet

i learned new dances


i can get better grades in school


i can do better on some of my subjects


i need to get as much help i need for homework as it gets harder


i need to get better grades on classwork or it becomes homework


i need to pay attention to the teachers


i need to ask help from parents or teachers when i need it