How it Feels to be Elite

Written by:
Tyrell Anderson, 10th Grade - Fairmont Heights High School

Above are the 2014-2015 Alpha Elites. Ihijimah Yorker, far left, is the new Alpha Elite president for the 2015-2016 school year.

   How does it feel to become an ALPHA Elite? Well, to become an ALPHA is a big process. It takes time to truly be ready for the new journey to unfold. You have to be dedicated and dependable; willing to spend time and truly learn the ways of an ALPHA Elite.
   What are the ways? Well, you have to be loyal and willing to help your brothers and be able to help them out throughout the school year. To encourage them to keep above a 3.0 and push them to be the best that the can be. The organization was created by Mr. McMillan and 14 other students as we will always remember what they left behind for us to take in.
   The ALPHA Elites are an organization that is big on brotherhood. The loyalty that keeps us together will keep us together forever. This is a big experience for me and my fellow new brothers as we embark on our great journey as new ALPHA Elite members. The journey will be hard but I am sure that with my brothers I am going to make it. We will all make it- as one unit, one family, one brotherhood. We will always be there for one another, no matter the obstacle or the circumstance. We are not only classmates now. We are brothers.