Teenage Life

Being a teen can be pretty cool. You get to hang out with friends more and go places by yourself. You have a more complexed mind and are better at problem solving. You get more independence, but you also get more responsibilities.

Here are some examples of teens having fun! :)

Facts About How Being A Teen Is Awesome!

You get to drive AN ACTUAL CAR!!!

You can hang with your friends more.

You get more independence.

You can get a cool job.

You still have a summer vacation from school! :)

Teenagers may have more freedom, but they still have to eat healthy. Exercise and nutritious foods are still important to your health. You shouldn't eat fast food a lot, but you can still eat it every now and then. You gain weight a lot faster by eating a lot of fast food. It can lead to diseases later in life. You should also avoid drinking too many sugary drinks, and drinks that are acidic, because they harm your mouth and bones. This doesn't mean you should never drink them again, it just means that you should have a reasonable portion of them.

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Sleep is very important for everyone, no matter what the age. You need at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Sleeping helps your brain funtion and can also reduce stress. Not getting enough sleep for a while can cause (treatable) sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, or even sleep apnea.

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Peer pressure can be helpful and harmful. Harmful peer pressure is most common for teens. Teens can get into smoking, drinking, and crimes out of peer pressure. You shouldn't be friends with people that constantly pressure you into doing bad things, no matter what they say. Helpful peer pressure is much more helpful, but much less common. Helpful peer pressure can be doing homework or vollenteering for the homeless shelter.

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Teens should communicate with their teachers with respect. You may get mad at them at times, but they are still our friends and we should treat our teachers with kindness instead of hate. You should feel open enough with your teacher to talk about your personal problems. You teacher should be one of your best friends.

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Create Summer Program 2016

In the Create Program this year, we did coding, dance, soccer, fitness, and poetry. We went on a feild trip and watched a movie! We had so much fun this year! We made websites, played soccer, did 70s dances, made poetry, did exercise, and went to a baseball game. I had lots of fun while I was here and I hope I can see everyone next summer.

I think I've grown both mentally and physically while I was here. I have learned a lot and had lots of fun. I loved it here and I hope I can do something like this next year. I think I have also got stronger. I have learned how to code, how to do 50s, 60s, and 70s dances, and a few soccer tricks. I feel like I have become a less shy person and more open to work with other people I don't know.

My Goals For Next Year

I want to continue making websites and start making games. I will achieve this goal by practicing more and learning how to code games.

I want to become a better poet. I will acheive this goal by writing more poetry an reading other poetry.

I want to play the piano and guitar. I will acheive this goal by taking lessons and practicing everyday.

I want to be more social. I will achieve this goal by trying to make new friends and working with others more.

I want to play in the school band. I will acheive this goal by getting an instrument and going to all the practices.
I want to play on a soccer team. I will acheive this goal by practicing and doing my best at the tryouts.

Here are 3 things we've done




My Poem

I am clever,

Creative and smart.

I enjoy music,

Theater and art.

I am generous,

I like to play fair.

When it is time to be serious,

I take things with thought and care.

When it comes to others, I am an introvert,

I like to be alone.

Sometimes when I do things,

I would rather do them on my own.

I work hard

So I can shine like the sun.

I am determined,

But I can also have fun.