Teens are different from children.

Teens are more mature and takes stuff into their own hands!

Teens have very different emotions and habitats

Teens always fight over boys!!!

this is an example, this girl got killed because they were fighting over boys!

Teens are on their phones all day long!

Some of the phone cases that teens uses!


Some teens think that this is the best app ever

A Pre-Teen’s look into the Life of a Teenager

What we do at the program is soccer, dance, fitness, poetry, and coding!!!

I think the past 3 weeks i have really opened up alot!I also think that im living a better life!!!

I think i would have to be more organized and keep track of my work by buying a binder!!!

I could turn in work in time by having a board having all the dates of when work is due or projects!

I could be in more activites by sorting out when the activity is and what time the activity is!

Im gonna study by getting more research on the internet!
I can be at school on time by riding in a car ride!

Teenegars need to eat healthy to keep in shape

Its good for teens to get their exerise once in a while

Teens usually have after activites because they love the sport or game!

A Pre-Teen’s look into the Life of a Teenager Pumpkins are being carved and decorations are being put up, the neighbors kids are going shopping for their costumes, in a couple of weeks it will be halloween and the streets will be filled with laughter and screams. No one even understands how important this day will be. I will officially become a teenager on halloween. I’ll be the one to scare, not the one who’s scared, I might be so scary i can scare a hare. I’ll be the one that can get away with anything today, Because if you have not noticed today is my birthday. Today i will be 13 as i have wished for. Being 12 can mostly sometimes be a bore. Today is finally my birthday i can do anything i want. And then i can finally scream and people will jump. I know being a teen means having responsibility, But you gotta admit it is halloween! I think being a teen will be awesome If you really ask me i have really blossom! "