How people are today

I am not a teenager and I am a little scared to be a teenager because I don't want to do any bad sthings or change my personality. So this is about an 11 year old. I think to be an 11 year old is just to be a kid. Do kid stuff and don't worry about so much. Like my teacher said to me

Most 11 year olds are know it alls

Most 11 year olds are emotional

Most 11 year olds say sorry or my bad

Face more academic challenges

Notices that body is changing

Facts about 11 year olds

It is good for 11 year olds to eat brown oats and protein to become healthy. This is very healthy and can improve for a healthy boy in years to come!

The ideal bedtime for an 11 year old is 10-11 hours, well I don't sleep like that. Which is bad for me and I should start to sleep like that.

11 year old boys drink achohol, smoke weed, and party. Their personality changes because of peer pressure. Mostly anything bad is because of peer pressure. I think this is only commenly in the city. Not in the country and the suburbs.

11 year olds do not really talk to there parents or teachers about what is going on in life. But it is just a phase. The kids will grow out of it and start talking a lot.

Summer Program 2016!

We did many things in the colors camp of 2016. First of which we did coding with Mr. Cottington, Angel, and Larone. We have done written word with Michelle. We have also done fitness twice a day with Mrs. Hancock, Ms. Hinnagen, and Mr. Gleeson. Next we did soccer with Maddie. After we did dancing with Ms. Hennagen and Shanelle and Tiffany.

I learned how to create a a website, learned html and css, I also learned great dance moves. And become a better poet.

I created a great website

I created a great poem
I learned many old dance moves

A Teenager is a stage, It can also be a phase. A teenager can change, Changing like haze. A teenager can be peer pressured, Before they are lectured. A teenager needs to determine life, Before they get a wife. Teenagers can think there are cool, When they act like a fool. Teenagers are very smart, Most of them have huge hearts. Teenagers lead the example for tweens Even though they can be mean. Tenagers can have some thoughts, Which can make some knots in life Some teenagers become stoic, And never become heroic. Some Teens are emos, Who really aren’t ninos. After this, it is college, Where they learn a lot of knowledge.