Create Summer Program 2016: Being a Teen

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These are teens having fun.

Here is a horrible looking teen. WARNING: This will begin to haunt you forever.

Being a teenager can be fun but your stingy parents will forever give you, wait for it


These are the good things about being a teen.

  1. A CAR!!!!!!!
  2. You get to have a girlfriend/boyfriend
  3. Prom
  4. Popeyes everyday
  5. A different way of socializing
click this link to see a list that was found that is better than the list I have above

Being a teenager can be hard sometimes. So that is why people can have jobs. These kind of jobs can earn you money. Especially when your mom won't give you money for KFC (Popeyes is better). The fun part is that you get to roam the roads and actually having money for their Popeyes.

I put this image just because I like Popeyes

The bad things about being a teen are...

  1. A bad hairline
  2. Chores(I am not going to say it again!!!!)
  3. No money to eat(Popeyes)
  4. The fact that your new way of socializing is not working
  5. A boyfriend/girlfriend with a weird personality
Click this link for another list I found which is better than the list I have above

This is a bad hairline

McDonalds confirmed?

Although teenagers can do almost whatever they want, they have to eat healthy too. If teens don't be healthy, they will get or obese. And parents, if you are reading this, make sure your child does not end up like the girls in the picture. NO MCDONALD'S!!!!!!!! If chicken is protein, I guess thy could get away with Popeyes.

Here is a website on eating habits for teenagers

Teens do sleep a lot but on weekends, erm... They will literally sleep the whole weekend without any resources. It fells good to sleep but it could be bad because they may be sleeping because the are trying to avoid chores(this is the last time I am going to say it).

Here is another website on sleep habits for teenagers

Teens need to do better on making desicions, so..... Lots of teenagers get bullied every year.

Here is ANOTHER website on peer pressure for teenagers

Teen needs some help(milk) on communicating to teachers. They can be rude sometimes.

Here is the LAST website on teacher communication for teens

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The Create Summer Program is a camp with a variety of activities like soccer and fitness. There is a coding activity where you had to make a website through coding. This is the website I made. It was not that hard to do it.

This camp will sometimes make you feel like this

or this

or even this

I'm not sure about this