Being a teenager

Being a teenager can be a really fun thing if you can find the things that you like or what to do in your life.

What I think it means to be a teen is to always do what you want to do and not what your friends what. I mean that it is okay to do things wit your friends abut if they want you to start drinking or smoking stay away from them, because there dangerous habits might catch on to you.Being a teen to me means that I am able to stay out late, stay inside, and to finally be able to drive and to rights of my own. Teens are able to do lots of things but everything you do can lead to something bad so, you should always look out for friends and family.

There are five facts about being teens. 1. Teens think that there phones and electronics are more important then there families. 2. There will still be bullies to make fun of you no matter where you go. 3. Losing their virginity begins in this age group. 4. Teens are more likely to smoke. 5. Some teens don't know about there future.

Teens should keep a good healthy diet so that can stay in shape.Teens should always eat all three meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some teens can help in the kitchen to help make nice healthy lunches. If you don't eat much then you should reduce your mean size. Also if you are very active then you should go out to eat so you can get a workout before you eat.

Teens need there sleep. sleeping is as important as the air and water you breath and drink.Teens need up to 8 to 10 hours of sleep.

Peer pressure is not good for teens health. This is because it will stress you out and make you want to stay away from everyone that you thought were your friends. There are many ways to deal with peer pressure, like if one of the reasons you are being pressured is because of bulling you can always tell an about or try to solve the problem by yourself.


This program is about learning how teens acted back in the 1900 to 2000. At this came we have been doing dancing,soccer,and coding. I have enjoyed doing all of these things because it gives my body and a chance to do something over the summer when its hot outside. Its also a good way to make new friends and to learn about others. Thats what I think this program is about.

In these three weeks I have learned a lot and made lots on new friends. I feel as though I have improved in many different ways because interact with others and I have a better understanding on coding.

Here is a list of six goals I have for this year.

1 I plan to get straight A's the hole year.

2 I will try to make the cheer team this year.

3 Make friends with everyone that i meet.

4 I want to improve my sining.

5 I tend to help my teachers and be one of the best students.
6 I wish to have a fun and energetic year.