being a teenager

being a teenager

being a teenager is like to hang out with my friends instead of being in my room on the phone.i listen to hamilton every day.also i like to be active.

on their phones all the time

listening to music

hanging out with friends

so are very active

they are always in their room

eating tips

eating tips for teens

i think teenageres should eat healthy. Eating healthy can help you.If you eat fast food alot you are not helping your body grow.if you eat healthy it can help you sleep lastly is can help you be more active.

sleeping tips for teens

sleeping can help you do better in everything.also this can help them be ready in school.also it can help you be awake. then you can do more activitys

peer pressure for teens

dealing with peer pressure id good.also peer pressure is not good becues it causes strees.

teachers and students>

communicating with teachers is good.if there is a problem in school you can talk to your teachers for help. also if somethings happens you can also talk to them about it

Create Summer Program 2016

We do fittness, dance, coding, poetry, and soccer.They are all good for you too.Also all the students like all the actives we do.

I fell like i have grown alot from this camp.