Being a teenager can be very fun and cool.

When your a teen, you have many responsibillities and important things to take care of. You also get more oppertunities. It's a time in life when you grow up and become more mature. When your a teenager, you can have a lot of fun like going out with friends.

My picture wasn't of a teenager but it shows how teens can be that goofy and fun. Pre-teens can also be like this but they're younger so it's different.

Even though this a very old show of Hannah Montana, what Miley is saying is very true except we call it pimples.

The lady in that picture is one of my favorite actresses she's very funny and she's always being herself something that most teens are afraid to do.

Teenagers are...

Loud, Intelligent, Caring, Funny, and love a phone

Healthy tips for girls

What most teens usally just like to eat is junk. Also,what they don't know about that is if they don't eat healthy by eating fruits and other things, they become very heavy and as they get into middle, and high school that's really when the bullying comes in and they get picked on because of their weight.

As teens of 2016,we should come together and try to stop bullying. Just because your bigger than somebody else doesn't mean your not beautiful. That's why it's very important to eat healthy but that also doesn't mean you can't eat some of your favorite foods like tacos,burgers,and pizza. It's okay once in a while.

Serena Williams is one of the most fit people ever. We need more people like her to have this much confidence and awesomeness.

Peer Pressure

This really what happens to teens and pre-teens in middle through high school. The people that you were closest to can get you to do drugs,drink alcohol and sexualy active things that your mind, and body aren't ready for.

Create Summer Program 2k16

This summer program was really good. I learned how to create a website thanks to Mr.Cottington,Larryone,and Angel. I also learned a couple dances and make new friends. I had a few problems but I got through them. I also, worked on my fitness thanks to Mr.Gleeson and my other favorite teacher Ms.Henagan. Myself and some of the colours troup also did a summer tour that was really fun. Thankyou Mr.Cook for making it all possible to better myself.

I've became more sucessful,more active,and a better dancer. The summer program was the best one I've been to since the first summer program last year.

My Goals For The School Year .Get all A's again

.Stay out of drama

.Stay focused

.Be more respectful

.Do all my work
.Have fun!!

I can achieve my goals by being the best student I can be.