Life as a teen Being a teenager

Teens are really fun and you can have lots of event at school

The worst part is that you have to be responsible and have a lot of responsibilities!!!!!


click this link if you wan't to be popular like me and follow these rules carefully

you think your room would be like the one here but it will end up looking like the one below

  1. CHORES(bad)
  2. DRIVING (fun)
  3. boyfriend/girlfriend(fun)
  4. last but not least, your own money(fun!!!!!)
  5. Being a teenager could also be hard, you can be through a lot of adolescence and it can be a hard time making friends. But you can also have peer pressurure which can be really hard. But the bright side is, that you can do lots of activities, like community services and you can hang out with a bunch of your friends

    You can go too chickfla all the time

    Click this link to be healthy

    You can be super fit

    But you can overcome it by standing up for what's right

    Click this link so you can overcome bullying

    Teens can be in a lot of school activities

    What we did in this program was code about teenagers and what they would do

    Being a teenager can be fun unless you be yourself, you can be the greatest teenager ever

Create Summmer Program 2016

I am making this website because I had to do an assignment and if you are looking at my website then I hope you enjoy

This is a list of things that we did for this camp

  1. Coding
  2. Dancing
  3. Fitness
  4. Spoken word
  5. Soccer

    These are 6 goals I want to do for next school year