Being a Teenager

Teens in 2016

Being a teenager is a big responsibility. You're becoming an adult, but still a kid. Everyone expects you to grow up, but still treats you like you're five.Beiing a teenager is like a bridge, a long bridge that takes almost ten years to cross. Over these years, your personality develops, your physical appearence changes, and your overall views on life become clearer.

Being a teenager is like rollercoaster; you can't wait to get on, then you're on. You rise to the top of the first drop, anticipation of your new capabilities stirs in your head. Then you fall. It's exhilerating, fast, and makes you want to puke. You'vehit the lowest point you will on the entire ride, but things get better, then comes a turn that gives you a jolt tthat startles you out of your calm, but you're okay. Lastly its the last drop, the biggest of them all, you're egar for this to be over with, and you fall. All your memories as a teen going by in your head as you become the adult the past decade has been preparing you for.

Being a Teen in 2016: The Facts

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Teens have made a habit of eating unhealth, high calorie, processed food. Their diets are lacking in vegatables and fruits. Teens aren't getting enough fiber in their diets due to the foods they're eating. There was also an increase in the consumption of sodas and non citrus friut juices. More Teen here


Teens need 8-10 hours of sleep every night to be successful. Many are hardly getting that. As a teen's brain develops, it may be hard to fall asleep before 10 or 11 at night, which is normal. Many people worry about sleep deprivation in teens, espically highschoolers. Most highschools start around 7:30am, give or take, meaning teens probably have to get up around six in the morning. If a teen can not fall asleep until 11 at night, and then has to wake up at 6 for school thats only 7 hours od sleep.

Peer Prressure

Peer pressure is when peers, people your own age, pressure you into doing something. Not all peer pressure is bad, a friend may pressure you to study for a test instead of watching TV, or make you go home if there is inappropiate behavior at a party. This is positive peer pressure. But there is also negative peer pressure; when your peers try to get you to smoke, drink, or do drugs. Most teens know to say 'no' to drugs and alcohol, and say yes to study, but some do not. More informaiton here.

Communicting with teachers

Teens tend to have difficulty communicating with their elders. And vice vers. Teens see teachers, parents, ect as people who are holding them back. Teens have a sense of entitlement because they're almost adults, but adults see them as not-quite-adults. This creates a struggle, espically with teachers, who are in charge of their education and grades, two very important things. Teen communication skills are important.

Create Summer Program 2016

In the Create Program we did several different activites. In the Mornings we do coding, poetry, and dance. In the afternoon we do fitness, dance(again) and soccer. We eat lunch around noon, and the focus is staying healthy. There is a large emphasis on eating healthy and staying fit.

These past three weeks we've done many things, and I have learned many things as well. I've learned several ne w dances from various time periods and improved my writing ability in poetry. I'v also learned how to properly do weight training, and code a basic website using HTML and CSS. By learning these things, I think I've grown and expanded my knowledge on these subjects.


Teenager Poem

I wrote this poem, it's about being a female teen in th 1960's.

Growing up as a black teen in the 1960’s is tough

There was extra pressure on me to be who I am

But who is that?

Successful, happy,educated?

Who am I supposed to be?

The perfect black girl?

Or the average day Jane with several weird idiosyncrasies

My race shouldn’t define me

Nor the fact I’m a girl

I don’t plan on being the white girl wanna be

And definitely not the typical bunny*

I just wanna be .... me

A strong, proud, black female with big dreams and a bright future

Being a black teen in the 60’s is all about finding yourself

If that means playing the lead, or moving around props

The show must go on

I’ll draw my life the way I want, and nothing can stop me

Because I know who I am, and what I want

I’m a black teen, who’s going to conquer the world

*Bunny was sixties slang for a cute girl