To Uniform, or Not to Uniform?

Point of view, is how a person perceives an occurrence or subject. Point of View can be told in three ways, by the person themselves, third party or someone who was there, but not involved in the matter. A person’s point of view can never be taken as absolute fact because there are so many factors that affect it e.g. morality, state of technology, or relativity of the issue. To clarify, state of technology refers to how the availability of technology can influence one’s perspective.

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What is a Point of View?

Each individual has their own unique viewpoint on a subject or matter. In other words, each individual has their own point of view. Every person’s point of view is not going to be the same even if they read the same book, watched the same movie or even experienced the same actions. In literature, point of view is considered an very important element. The angle at which something is seen can occur in first, second or third person point of view. These are the three different points of view and they are very useful in the analysis of texts.

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Why After School Clubs Don't Have Members

After school clubs and teams allow those with the same interest to come together and bond. It allows people to discover things that they never knew about themselves and incorporate that into their future. By being involved in these activities, colleges and universities get an idea of the type of person you are. But how can you do all these things when you don’t have a definite ride home? Lack of transportation is the biggest problem when it comes to after school activities.

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