Being a teenager

To be a teenager means getting annoyed at everything your parents say.Being a teenager is when you are supportive of your friends and family. Being a teenager means growing up.

  1. One thing they can't live without is their phone
  2. Girls drive themselves harder than boys
  3. Most of teens have low self esteem
  4. 95% of teens have access to the internet
  5. 81% of teens use a type of social media
  1. If teenagers eat healthy they will have better sleeping and exercise habits. Eating healthy will help them live a longer life. Also if you eat healthy you will not be unhealthy and out of shape like othr people.
  2. Teenagers need to have better sleeping habbits so this way they can be ready for the day and do good in school. If they have good sleeping habbits then they will have a good day and not be cranky. Then finally if they get enough sleep they will be well rested for the day/school.
  3. Teens should deal with peer pressure in a safe and healthy way and not alone. If they don't deal with peer pressure alone they can defeat it faster.Then if they defeat peer pressure then they will have a healthier life.
  4. If teens learn to have better communication skills they will learn how to bettercommunticate with teachers so they can do better in school. They will be able to ask teachers to help them if they need it. Then if they know how to communticate with teachers they will be able to thrive in school.
  5. Create Summer Program 2016

    In the create program we did a ton of things. We did coding, dance, poetry, and a spoken word project. In poetry we are writing poems about teenagers and learning about teenagers from different time peiriods. In dance we are learning the dances from the 50's through the 80's. And in coding we are making websites about being a teenager.

    In these three weeks I have grown to know more about poetry, dance, and coding. These skills will help me to become a better student and get into a good college.

    My Goals for the 2016-2017 School Year!

    1. To get a big role in this year's play.

    2. To get straight A's through out the school year.

    3. To work hard all school year.

    4. To make new friends.

    5. To make the MLK soccer team.
    6. To learn even more than I already know.

    My Poem

    The Teenagers of Today It is sunday morning, and my mother is blasting Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” as she gently removes her rollers from her hair. I, a 13 year old closet disco queen, twirl, move my feet to the beat and shuffle my way to her. She reminds me of a sunflower, beautiful, freckled and golden She say’s I remind her of her younger years I laugh and remind her she’s nothing like the teenagers of today Then the song ends and with the beat still in my head I hop up to my room and start reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

    We can be headstrong at times But that is just the mask we are hiding behind Though we can be supportive We need others to support us We are the teenagers of today

    It is Sunday morning, and my mother is blasting Beyonce’s “Formation” as she tediously cleans the kitchen, I, a 13 year old member of the BeeHive join in on the fun, She reminds me of the Sunflower emoji, cute, small and golden. She says I remind her of her younger years, I, laugh and remind her that she is nothing like the teenagers of today. Then the song ends and with the beat still in my head I go to my room to check my Instagram notifications on my phone.

    We are insecure in many ways But with words we can take you away We are clever at getting what we want And are proud of what we do We hide all of our emotions behind acting As speaking never could We are the teenagers of today

    From the times of today and the times of the past It all goes by so fast We can be different at times And we are alike in so many ways We are the teenagers of today