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Being A Teenager

Being a teenager means beginning to take responsibility, waking up early, and getting things done for a bright future. Being a teenager means stressing over the smallest things and blowing off the bigger ones until the night before. Being a teenager means worrying about how we look, what we wear, when we wear it. We push and pull people in and out of our lives, take risks, laugh, cry, and maybe even get in a little bit of trouble from time to time. We express ourselves, open our minds to amazing ideas, and explore the world out side of our own. We begin the journey to finding ourselves.

  1. Today 45% of teenagers grow up in small families.
  2. 80% of teenagers now have a smartphone.
  3. As of 2013 studies show most of the stress teens experience comes from school and teachers.
  4. E-mail dropped 59% among users of ages 12 to 17
  5. 42% of teens can text with their eyes closed.

Nutrition/Eating Habits For Healthy Teenagers

Eating is a must for teenagers because of their body growing. Most teenagers especially in America don't get the amount of fruits, grains,and vegetables daily. Most teenagers who do eat more healthy increase in school, behavior, and daily performance. Skipping meals can lead to over eating and calorie intake overdose. Portions are also esential because too much of one food can lead to over weight and not enough will cause decreases in energy. Avoiding junk food and fast food is best for anyone, but mainly for teenagers. Also pastas, rice, corns, and protein foods are very good for growing and health. Limiting television, phone, or downtime when laziness occurs can also help teen health, but sometimes taking a day or a few hours to relax is good.

Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep is just as important as air in the human body. It is something the brain needs to function correctly on a daily basis. About only 15% of teens get the needed amount of sleep a night which is 8 to 10 hours. Teens usually stay up late and sleep in on the weekends which messes with their sleep schedule during the weekdays and hurt the quality of their sleep. Over half of the teens in the world suffer from a series of treatable sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can be extreamly dangerous while driving and can cause other problems as well. No matter what if your brain is tired it will get sleep, so getting the correct amount of sleep is essential to avoid possible problems that can result in death.

Peer Pressure/Dealing With Peer Pressure

Peer pressure especially in high school is very common. Teen get pressured into doing things all the time by friends or people who influence them weather its in a good or bad way. Being prepared; knowing the situations you could be put in, and prepairing yourself to deal with those situations. Avoiding peer pressure; surround yourself with people that will not pressure you into doing something that you don't want to do or will influence you in good ways. Be proud; stay confident and believe in what you choose to do. Even if other people believe you should do otherwise, stand your ground and do what you know or think is right. Doing the smart thing and following these will help teen avoid and deal with peer pressure.

Communicating With Teachers

Communication between students and teachers can result in better school performance along with attendance in school. When students have a better relationship with their teachers. Assignments given by that teacher, or things the teachers teach or engage will be more fun for the student and makes the students actaually want to make and effort to learn. Versus a teacher that makes no effort with his/her students. Students are also more comfortable with asking questions and participating in class which improves their school performance.

Create Summer Program 2016

In this program I was a student/intern. I got to learn some new things like coding and cool ways to excersize, while also helping out the kids learn something and getting payed. My favorite subject from this whole program was coding. I got to see behind the scenes of a website and how it's really structured which was really cool. I loved basically leaning a whole another language of computer other than English. If I were to continue in coding this is something I would consider as a carreer. I also learned new ways to work out, like ther step, or the ladder. Most of the things we used I have at home or use during soccer, but not all of them, so it was fun to find different fun ways to use the equptment. On the intern side, i got to teach kids how to play soccer, respect eachother, and be good sports. Most of those things they probably already knew, but re-enforcing them was needed. This is something I can definately use on my next resume or application.

I have grown in many ways during these three weeks. Although for one of them i was gone and on tour with some other kids, I still grew as a social person. I found my inner voice and learned how to use my athority ina positive and mature way. I have also grown academically. I would usually be sitting at home, eating chips, switching between being on my phone, watching TV, and eating; but instead I was being productive and excersising my brain in ways I never though I could. These things were a huge advantage for me, and the best part about it all is that I'm getting payed.