“To Uniform or Not To Uniform”

Written by:
Camiella Louisa Sehidou, Parkdale High School


Point of view, is how a person perceives an occurrence or subject. Point of View can be told in three ways, by the person themselves, third party or someone who was there, but not involved in the matter. A person’s point of view can never be taken as absolute fact because there are so many factors that affect it e.g. morality, state of technology, or relativity of the issue. To clarify, state of technology refers to how the availability of technology can influence one’s perspective. For example, if an entire student body in 1964 was to be surveyed on whether or not essays should be typed or handwritten, a vast majority would pick written, but if asked today most will pick typed mainly because computers are more efficient now and easier to come by.

With relativity, often people do not express an honest opinion on something unless it impacts them personally. One example could be if Jack felt the LGBT legislation had no direct effect on him so while voting he chose blindly.

In to my opinion, a controversial subject to tackle is uniforms. Personally, I am pro uniforms because they take away from the hassle of finding new clothes that fit society’s infinite demands. This eliminates dealing with trends and of course the teenage problem of dressing to impress the opposite sex. Uniforms take away from all that. We should be dressing for ourselves not to impress anyone especially in that connotation. I used to go to a no uniform school and believe me it was the worst experience of my life, I felt judged and never cool enough. I paid more attention to fashion magazines than my studies so thank the board of education for uniforms.