Being a teenager

I think that being a teenager means going into a higher grade and a harder one. It also means going to 6th grade or even middle school. Being a teenager also means being the age og 12-15 or to 16 counting 7th and 8th grade . That also includes high school with 9th and 10 th school in the age of 17 and 18 which is a young adult.Some teenagers like to listen to music.

Facts about teen are teenagers don't use e-mail. Peer pressure is influenced by brain activity. Popular kids are more likely to be bullies. Heavy drinking as an adolescent tends to contune. teens are addicted to their social media.

Healthy tips for teenagers

This is about tips on eating healthy and what is not good about junk food. Also tips on to improve your diet. It is also about changing the way you think about food. It also talks about changing your eating envirment. Finally where to get help and things to remember. Sleep and teens

This is about tips on sleeping like the need for sleep and what happens when you shift in sleep. It also talks about competing for sleeping and tips if you have problems with sleeping. It also talks about obstructive sleep apnea and about narcolepsy with circaddian rhythm sleep disoders, emotional promblems and medical conditions. And help for sleep also parents and teen sleep. teens peer pressure

This is about peer pressure with why is my my bud trying to pressure me, be prepared, avoid it, be pround and stand up for what is right. It talks about why do people who pressure me care if I yes or not with do smart things. It also talk about how to deal with it and stand up for what is right with for guys only and think about it.

communicating with teachers

This website is about tips for communicating with teachers effectively. It also talks about find out the best way to contact a teacher. Also ways to send emails or other apps on your device. It also talks about you can send a note and finally don't be afraid to talk.

Create Summer program 2016

I have done soccer here with Ms. Madd. I have done coding with Mr. Cottington, Angel, and Larryone. I did dance with Ms. Hennigen. I also did fitness with Mr. Gleason.

I learned alot here like coding at first I did not know what coding was. I also learned new dances and some I already knew but I learned to do them better than before. At first I was really bad at push ups but now I can do them better. W#hen I played soccer I couldn't even kick the soccer ball I still can't but on the third try I always kick it nice and far, well not that far.

For next school year I bet I can do more push ups than just 4.

I could also be in the talent show now that i am not that stage frighten anymore

My 3rd goal is to not be not so shy to much

If we learn coding in 5th grade than I will be an expert

My 5th goal is to be better at soccer and practice it
My 6th goal is to eat healther like to eat fruits and vegies